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Mommy and Me Don't Match

Best selling multi-racial family children's book.
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My Story

K Monsma is a wife and mother of three.  After becoming a multiracial family through adoption, 
she realized how difficult it is to find children's picture books that featured mixed families like her own.
She needed books that celebrated, and represented, the outward differences of her family, without the 
focus always being on adoption.  She knew if her family was in need of these books other families were 
needing them as well.  Fast forward to today and her hard work has paid off with two best selling 
multiracial-family children's books "Mommy and Me Don't Match" and "Dear Sister".  Her third children's 
book "Teach Me to be BIG" is in the works and will be launched later this year!

My Books

Dear Sister

Mommy and Me Don't Match

Teach Me to be BIG

My Books

This book is great to bring sisters closer together. My two girls fight nonstop but they have sat down to read this together a few times. This is a sweet book, very well written and beautiful illustrations. I hope that this author will write more books.

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