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Dear Sister

"Dear Sister" is a book about the love between two sisters. This book features sisters who look different
on the outside without mentioning their outward appearances.  "Dear Sister" is a book that is a necessity in
any home, normalizing and representing mixed families.

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Mommy and Me Don't Match

"Mommy and Me Don't Match" is about a Mother and Daughter discussing the visual differences between
them and celebrating those differences.  This book opens up a beautiful and much needed conversation
with children about celebrating and loving those around us.

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Teach Me to be BIG

"Teach Me to be BIG" is my third multiracial family book!  This book does not discuss race or their outward differences at all.  

This story follows a little brother who has BIG dreams of what he wants to learn from his big brother.  Dive into the warmth of their love and see just how important it is to be a great older sibling.

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