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Hello there! Thank you for visiting my blog! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Krysten and I am a children’s book author of multiracial-family children’s books.

I grew up in a small town with my Mom, Step-Dad (who later adopted me and became just DAD), and three siblings. I suffer from severe middle-child syndrome and have frequent pity-parties about it. I later married my husband, Josh, and we have three children. Ella is 6, Rhett is 5, and Mya is 3. Our oldest two children, I gave birth to. Our youngest daughter we adopted at birth.

After adopting our youngest, we became a multiracial/multicultural family. We absolutely love learning about Mya’s culture and incorporating those wonderful things into our life. And while there are so many reasons we celebrate being a mixed family, we have also run into our struggles along the way.

We came across family members, and people close to us, asking the question “Why are you raising her to incorporate these other cultures when she is ‘Dutch’?” They couldn’t understand why it was important to us that she knew her African American culture and her Jordanian culture. It took me a couple pity parties and a lot of tears to realize that it was my job to teach them why this was important. It was my job to show my family and friends the need for her other cultures to be a part of her life. Was she being raised in a Dutch culture? Yes. Was it special and important for her to be included in our families culture? Yes. But was it also important for the rest of us to celebrate her and join in on HER culture? YES!

I truly believe you haven’t lived until you have taken the time to learn about other people’s cultures. It’s fascinating and beautiful. These things about Mya are important and I don’t want to miss out on any part of learning more about her. Yes, she’s learning my culture and I love that. But I am learning hers as well. And together, we are celebrating being a multicultural family and all of the differences that come along with that.

If you gain anything from this blog, I pray that you not only see the importance and need for celebrating those around you but also the beauty in it. The world around us is incredible if we could just open our eyes to see it.

K Monsma

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