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I've Carried You

I’ve carried you in my arms the nights when you couldn’t sleep

When your crib was lonely and you missed the smell of my skin

I may have been tired and needing my sleep

But hearing your cry pulled at my heart

I’ve carried you to the counter to clean your scraped knees

For every time you fell you looked for me

I know deep down that my kisses don’t really heal

But they seem to heal you

I’ve carried you to bed when your legs were worn out

I know you could have walked yourself there

And I also know you’re smirking as we walk

But your arms wrapped around my neck is worth it

I’ve carried your homework to the table

Night after night we sat there

I had a million things waiting for me to do

But I also know you won’t always need me like this

I’ve carried the kleenexs that wiped your tears

I listened as you explained the fallout with your friend

It may have seemed like a simple misunderstanding

But I’ve been there and know how it hurts

I’ve carried the torch when you couldn’t

When you didn’t believe in yourself enough

When you thought you wouldn’t succeed

But I knew you would, because I know you

I’ve carried you.

I’ve held you.

I’ve loved you.

A Mother has nothing to do with DNA. It doesn’t matter if your blood type matches mine, if you grew inside of me, or if we look alike. It doesn’t matter how we came together. It only matters that we are together now.

What matters is you are mine, and I am yours.

K Monsma

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